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Recommended by BBC Radio, and presented by acclaimed historian Alexandra Churchill, with Matt Bone and Zack White.

November 14, 2021

History Hack: Band of Brother Cast Reunion Supercut

When History Hack was young, Alex, Alina and Woody had a crazy idea to try and speak to 'a couple' of the cast of Band of Brother, then 20 years on from filming. It, frankly, got a bit out of hand and a wild series of recordings followed that originally aired in 4 parts. To celebrate 20 years since the final episode of Band of Brothers airing, we have recorded a new introduction with Woody and Alex to remember the crazy days in Lockdown 1 and have cut the four parts into one. We have tried to even out the audio as much as possible but it is very much a drunken zoom chat with a bunch of beloved actors. We hope you do enjoy this special episode.

Be warned. Actors like to swear. A lot. Especially when it comes to bootcamp.

With thanks to:

Nick Aaron, Philip Barantini, George Calil, Ben Caplan, Michael Cudlitz, Dexter Fletcher, Rick Gomez, Scott Grimes, Nolan Hemmings, Robin Laing, Mark Lawrence, Matthew Leitch, Ross McCall, James Madio, Tim Matthews, Rene Moreno, Jason O'Mara, Peter O'Meara, Bart Ruspoli, Matt Settle, Richard Speight Jr, Rick Warden and Peter Youngblood-Hills. 

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